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Varnish Division

Special grade for Pepsi Cola

A transparant over print varnish which due to its good adhesion and high

hardness used for drawing coating as crown caps. 

Product name 1: MANVAR 3110/s

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Varnish Division

A Gold varnish for can coating which due to its good adhesion and high

performance used for inner and outer coating. 

Product name 2:MANVAR PE 2102 /C

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Text Box: Rubber stopper division 
Text Box: Rubber stopper and flip off for penicillin and several types. we apply it with several colours and with differ type of material

Product name 3: Rubber stopper  and flip off

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P.V.C—Free division

Tpo sealing compound (non-pvc compound)for crown corks

Product name 4: Mancom.   EA4715

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P.V.C.—Free division

Manufacturing of the Poly- Ethylene sheets coated or uncoated which are well known by Wads for the filer proof and medicine bottles.

Text Box: Product name 5: Wads

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Chemicals Division and packing

Adhesive for glue plastic with plastic and cars undercoat and several chemicals formula upon request. Also we produce differ types of cartoon

Product name 6: First Glue & MANPRO & other chemical formula

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Rubber Stopper Division

P.V.C –FREE Division

Chemical Division and packing